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I may not get there with you...

16 July 1969
Born the day Apollo 11 made that giant leap, reborn in the unhumble guise of an uneasy chair; I have come to to wound the autumnal city.
1969, abandoned buildings, adult swim, ainulindalë, akhetaten, all devourer, antarctica, atheism, bag of tricks, bandersnatch, banned books, bob, books, brains, bron yr aur, broomheads, calculus of variations, carefully handwritten letters, chantilly lace, cirocco jones, cognitive dissonance, contraband, contrapunctus, corbomite, corvette summer, creation myths, decadent bohemian literary circles, degrassi, dhalgren, dirty secrets, doubleplusgood, dusty used bookstore sneezes, earth abides, eccentrica gallumbits, engine summer, extinct cultures, food service girl, forever fearless, forman's basement, fort worth, fractals, fraggles, freaks and geeks, free will astrology, freedom from religion, freedom of religion, fuzzy's taco shop, girls with pink hair, godlike patience, grand unification, grrrlz, harrad summer, horny frogs, house of incest, ignoring martyrs, infinite improbability, ingsoc, instantaneity, interzone, iuma, jolly roger, karma chameleon, killrockstars, late night frolicking, legos, mad bombers, mahabharata, master control program, master cylinder, mathematica, max yasgur's farm, melody fair, menolly, mike kripke's basement, millennium falcon, ministry of peace, montypythonandtheholygrail, my so-called life, mysterious trails, nick's basement, nor crystal tears, obscure interests, ork, palimpsest, palindrome, partition of unity, poking (when necessary), precession, procrasturbation, psychedelic literature, quenta silmarillion, rain and thunder, rainbow family, rainy day cafes, robotech, samuel r. delany, seahorse valley, severing ties, starfighter, subgenii, superdimensional fortress macross, superstring theory, tao of physics, the aten, the doctor, the gates of delirium, the ice, the sculpture garden, the smell of books, the televisionary oracle, the university pub, thoughtcrime, trilobites, trouble on triton, tunnel in the sky, universal life church, vger, wizard of wor, woman bands, x!abbo, yaz pistachio, zigzag, zit remedy, zz9 plural z alpha