rogerdr (rogerdr) wrote,


Okay, you're back. Sorry I axed you some time while I was messing around my personal info settings. Didn't mean to. Isn't it weird reading all these posts from people up north neck deep in the white stuff while here we are with nothing but a cold, whimpering piss to tell us it's wintertime? Doesn't make me feel guilty though, I'd have to have a snowblower attached to the front of my chair to get around the great lake states. ;)

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  • Hullo. Testing, testing, ad_nauseum.

    Trying out a new account at Dreamwidth. I know, I'm jumping on another "jumping off" bandwagon. No panic this time; just seeing what DW can do for me.

  • SF/F, WTF?

    I remember reading Elizabeth Moon in high school and being transported to cool worlds. Now I feel like I need a shower.

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