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31 August 2010 @ 09:19 am
Somewhere under the steel rainbow  
M. A little Pookie bird has been singing in my ear about you. I'm sorry that I can't send out any inspirational lines of bad poetry right now, because I'm not in the best of health. You know I'm not one to believe in empty platitudes, so I'll save you the bullshit. You know I love you, Princess, whatever that means for fucked-up people like us. If you're thinking of flying away, I can't jump up to catch you, but you'll be carrying a part of me with you if you do. I can't tell you that coming back here would somehow make anything better, either. The things that are broken in you and me are beyond the help of doctors and drugs anyway. I can only say that I miss your bright eyes. Please don't make someone else tell me that I'll never see them again.
Current Mood: crappycrappy
Current Music: Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy / Derwood Green
Critical Knifesacredpsycho on December 12th, 2011 02:42 pm (UTC)
I love you too. Always.
Critical Knifesacredpsycho on September 24th, 2014 08:49 am (UTC)
So long, so long
I wonder if it hurt a lot. I wonder if you got angry because of the pain or were you always sweet to your mom and your friends.
In the end, someone else told me I wouldn't ever see you again. I wish we had more time. I wish I hadn't come to live here, where people don't really connect. I wish I could have been the sort of friend you see nearly every day, who you invite to spend the night (to play computer games).
I just never was able to get enough of you. Now I never will.
If you're a ghost and you happen to be bored, please feel free to move in with me. You'd like it here.
This is stupid. You can't even see these words.
Nobody understood why I cried so much over you, I bet you would have done the same over me.