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Last Request

Will you when endings show
The last of three is not me
Will you forward my dreams
To a name and soul
Neither of us knows?

Who was she, you never said
So never asked
So never forgotten
Nor need for forgiveness
For what she gave
I was too washed-out to offer.

But I know she's gone
The day your eyes dropped
From mine and mirror both
Both of us spoke only of the day
And in the night you wept
Walked out into the trees but I heard
The trees wept as well.

And when you are left
For my shell has never been filled
Even once, though we smile at the same skies
Oh, when you are left
Which name will you speak?
Speak neither, but find one more.

You, who burn with every new star seen
Burn again, for fire in this life lights
More than sticks and storied faces
Light a new heart and another until
Every corner of the night sky smiles back.

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