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going down the dead end district attorney a flirty flyswatter
broken wings whipped creams cremating chainsaw quickdraw mcgraw
fading stars stormy sea serpent housefly reply
flare gun shun the fun house town louse mousy library fairy
going up the frowning barbies carbine dreams
all along the wrong song sucking bong water caught her hair
killing vector fields shield shitkicking car high barfly
shopping spree

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    The recent bit of trouble that Peter Jackson has had with actors' guilds in trying to recruit for his new version of The Hobbit, which has already…

  • Hullo. Testing, testing, ad_nauseum.

    Trying out a new account at Dreamwidth. I know, I'm jumping on another "jumping off" bandwagon. No panic this time; just seeing what DW can do for me.

  • SF/F, WTF?

    I remember reading Elizabeth Moon in high school and being transported to cool worlds. Now I feel like I need a shower.

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