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New Law

I've started using Pandora when too lazy to mess with my Sonique or tired of my 100,000 song library. I've found something particularly disturbing with it, however, even building 'stations' with Yes, Deep Purple, and Ozzy Osbourne. Somehow, within a couple of hours, a Madonna song always creeps in there. Always, whether I'm reaching for classical pipe music or `80s Hip Hop. No matter who I put in or what songs, inevitably Madonna joins the ranks. I have, therefore decided that a law must exist for Pandora which states that the probability of a Madonna song playing shall always be above zero and, with time, approach unity no matter what your musical interests are. I call this Pandonna's Law.

Since creating a station with no bands other than Metallica and Iron Maiden and hearing "Where's the Party" at hour 4:23, I have now discontinued my Pandora account. Let this be a warning to all of you.

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