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Um...I still have an LJ?

Hey, kiddies, Roger here. Yeah, still here. Actually, I've been working on a first draft of a second story project. Sorry, Lane, but mine's a ball's out swords fight-em-up also. I swear that it's really a far-future hard sci-fi story at heart, but the main character won't know that for a while. It's Sita Roryn, the same idea I mentioned just a few posts down the page. And...I've already gotten 262 pages into it. YAY ME! I'm considering doing like I did with Bluebonnet Circle and throwing chapters onto a dedicated LJ so all of you can sample it and rant about how much I suck (or grovel at the feet of my genius). Like the idea? Wanna read it? Gimme a comment or two.

P.S. The project started as emails to my cousin wintering at the South Pole, to help keep her warm donchano? There's a definite storyline from first blood to walking off into the frozen yonder, but I'm leaving the plot details up to chance and whim this time...NO PLOT OUTLINES. So, if the character seems interesting one minute and two dimensional the next or the action goes by jumps and loooong's just a project and a first draft at that. Enjoy!

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