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Other Places No One Sees but Feels

Nothing steals as much as
Mornings spent napping
So far on the way to
Being together
So simple and yet
Heart too hard to hold
To do anything
To say all that needs to be
Held in mind and soul and
Other places no one sees but feels
No one hears but still falls

Never you mind
This is but looking in from too far outside
Burn for him
For her
For fire does in this life light
More than faces
For warmth of skin on skin
Burn for him
So simple and yet

No one hears but still falls
Never you mind
There's a reason why love is deaf as well as
Mornings spent napping
Two is better than
Never say no when
Sunrise catches you together

To do anything
To feel more and more and
To burn
This is what we burn for
When the sunrise catches us alone

So simple and yet
You must fall
There is no other way to know

So fall

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