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Autumn Leaves

She leaves no tracks in the moist earth, she snaps no twigs or rustles the autumn leaves.
Her breath is clear, despite the nearing frost.
No sound breaks the simple peace left behind by creatures now sleeping and winter winds still waiting
To awaken.

Yet the land knows her. Snowflakes hearken to her thoughts and seal up her dreams.
Pines, firs, and aspen bend to her passing, and moan in her wake.
Her beauty is no more in the living, but the living see it.
She carries with her no reminders of summer, she sheds no tears.

Finally, after all earthbound voices are stilled, she takes a last walk to the clearing above Bird Woman Falls,
Waiting for the silvery night after the first snow when the stars will come to lift her up
To hear the song that the Moon sings.

Saying farewell to her last few friends, she turns her eyes to the sky and smiles
And the wolves cry.

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