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Shaky Morning

Last night, something unusual happened here, and because I once lived in San Diego I knew it immediately. We had a small earthquake. Well, two, actually, but only one that I could feel. Having grown up within ten miles of a SAC base, now a Joint Reserve base, I've become accustomed to rumbling in the ground, but this time it moved. Maybe it's my particularly solid grounding due to my wheelchair, but I recognized the shaking for what it was, and watched it create ripples in my tea. There was no danger, of course, we're far from any large faults (the New Madrid is probably the closest). Still, it reminded me of California and the fact that, when it comes down to it, nothing is really solid.

P.S. The US Geological Survey says that it was a 3.0 centered about 20 miles east-northeast of here, which makes it doubly lucky that I was able to feel it. Who would have known that anything interesting could happen in Irving now that the Cowboys have left?

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