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Wiinston Smith

Quotes of dead poets embrace the legs of lonely high school girl blogs.
Dancing smileys renamed emoticons because this isn't your grandaddy's internet.
Dangling participles cause epic flamewars that bring the downfall of mods in a community of pet lovers.

Wii are the dead.
Wii are the dead.
Wii are falling into the chaos surrounding a singularity on a flat earth.
Wii are keying immortal nothings into the ears of bored NSA employees.
Wii are wearing fluffy house shoes and pajama bottoms and wifebeater T-shirts and raccoon heads stolen from football mascots.
Wii are not touching lips to lips, fingers to cheeks, ankles to thighs.
Wii are waiting for someone to tell us when real life begins.
Wii are all together all the time if we want it, but
Wii are alone anyway.
Wii are the dead.
Wii are the dead.

U r teh ded.
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