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Scary Hall

I told her how we met the day
Seventh grade started and you got lost
Looking for homeroom.

I was alone and you were new and
We were two of a kind.
We shared the lock in gym class and sat together in the stands.
We did each other's homework in the scary hall where the shadows hid our hands.

Oh, Sherry, it was the `80s,
When love was on the radio and each sunrise meant I'd see your smile again.
Hold on, hold on.

I told her everything;
How the boys would run down the scary hall,
And throw pennies to distract us from each other.
How the girls would laugh about the parties where they kissed,
But only when the boys were there.

I was your secret love and you were my life,
Trading smiles between the pews in church.
We saved up our allowances to buy music for one another.
We met behind the trestle in the park, where the boys never played.
We traded Friday nights at each other's houses
And talked low on the phone so our parents couldn't hear.

It wasn't gross.
It wasn't selfish.
It wasn't sick.
It wasn't a sin.
But we hid every look behind our books
And every touch beneath our sheets
And every song that said I love you,
While the other girls laughed.

Oh, Sherry, it was the `80s,
When holding hands meant everything and each sunset meant tears washing away in the creek.
Hold on, hold on.

I told her how we lost each other
On the porch when your daddy saw us kissing,
And the rain began to fall.

I was alone and you were so far away,
Just down the street and around the corner.
We didn't dare pick up the phone when it rang.
We didn't dare change before class or sit in the scary hall.
We didn't dare look at each other in church but still
The other girls laughed.

Every thing I said at home was somehow wrong.
They blamed you for my grades.
They called you troubled and said that it was for the best
When your parents stopped taking you to church.
I lost my way.
I lost my heart.
I lost my faith.
I lost my key to the lock.
I lost my only love when they found you in the creek behind the trestle.

Oh, Sherry, it was the `80s,
When kids played games like truth or dare and all the songs were about us,
And each Friday was nights under the covers and lights out and
It was never something to laugh about.
Hold on, hold on.

I told her about the day I had to stay home
When everyone in our church threw flowers at your feet,
And lies were spoken over the Book of Life.

I would be fine, they said, because I was strong,
But you were the brave one.
I was afraid of their eyes and their words,
And afraid of the pain,
But I didn't dare follow you for fear
That what they said was the truth.
I lost too much when I lost your smile,
And never again sat in the scary hall.

Oh, Sherry, it was the `80s,
When you were like a cat in the dark and then you were my darkness,
And all the days and all the nights became one long, lonesome prayer;
Wait for me in Heaven, my first and only best friend.
Hold on, hold on.

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