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Face in the Window

I was off on some meaningless tangent,
Giving my attention to code and ugly dudes in the Blades Edge Mountains,
When I just happened to clicky...
And you were gone.
Years past, you were no longer down the street and around the corner.
Distance more than time, separated by the arched gateway.
Yet your face is still there in shadow, even now.
Your say it would be smoke rings in the morning fog.
Your lips...of course there are the other things, but these words are foxholes;
I can hear the bullets flying, though I can't see them.

Don't go. I thought you were gone before, gone to the midnight sun,
But you only went far enough to lose-
Again, the tracers fly; a warning shot to silence me.
I thought you were gone again, then a voice spoke the sacred word,
And here you were, your voice barely above a whisper, but still your face before mine.

Don't go. As long as I know you're out there, I know there's a world I want to be in.
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