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The Completely Wrong Way to Look at It

There is a woman on stage
Coaxing stories from ivory, wood, and wire.
Elsewhere no doubt another works hard at her job thinking of anything
But me.
Never forget the one
Crouching in the grass.

I've known older hornier yet set
In her ways.
I've played games with coequals coworkers coeds now wed
To God and the next generation.
I've toyed with girlie girls bobs and curls pinks and pearls
Everywhere but on the necklace.

Nothing I've learned that can be taught.
Not a word I heard that can be bought.
Neither hide nor hair of them can be found or caught.
The only thing I can say for sure is no matter how many I've loved and lost,
Never forget the one
Crouching in the grass.
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