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All Over the Place

Dipped hands into the crater lake,
I'm drinking the cold blue...

Delicious sight, my only love!
My pen at play.
Oh, yes, this watering hole for the synonym-starved.
This cavern of ice, translucent.
This lava tube in the side of Pele's throne.
Unleash your bitters, your sweets.
Where else can I find such fruit, spice, and pepper in the same dish,
Yet finish hungrier?
Unlace your undies and let the flesh breathe!
Create in my mind's eye those things usually only glimpsed at peak.
Failing the intricacies of seahorse valleys, at least show me a snowflake or two.
Fly me on leathery wings and illuminate my way with your bright eyes!
Don't let my thoughts dwell on a single isle in the midst of the lake,
Though it be the home of wizards;
I want to make my own magic.

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