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My Way or the Highlighter

Straight flush right down the toilet of lost dreams; childhood screams for escape!
I love to use sentences that aren't quite sentences like that girl, not the tall one!
It's a liberating feeling, really. You can start out on your back porch and go straight edge or French curve, depending on mood.
There are no limits in the realm of English verse. Well, any language, if you happen to grok it in the fullness.
Why stay in between the lies, anyway? Why, when it's so much more funicular at the Royal Gorge. We couldn't go across the bridge that day, though, because of highlighting passages she loved in in her favorite book.
I could be crazy enough to take you all the wayside by I-20 with David, Christie, Brenda, and Norris. We played Mario Bros. with terrible hang gliders running off the cliffs overlooking Black's Beach.
It doesn't really have to make sensational sense machine closed down, but the building was still useful for making out on breaks or smoking jays at in-park partitions of unity are only guaranteed if the paracompactness condition is satisfied.
See? You have no idea where I might go next door to help Val clean out her garage.
Don't let the grammar nazis fool you. There's more to writing thanatos, twin of hypnos, the personification of dealing straight flushes.

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