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Distracted by You

What's the square root of you?
I heard her ask.
Distracted, you see. Looking out the window.
Girls playing hopscotch.
I don't remember much more than that, but still wonder
Why I was looking out
When she was right there beside me.

I lost my hearse!
I heard her yell.
Distracted again. Watching traffic while leaning into a turn.
A woman in a sleek, red something.
I can't tell you why the thought of red lips in a red car
Seemed so inviting
When her arms were holding me so tightly.

Oh, God, Roger. Just a little beeper!
I heard her gasp.
Distracted for the last time. Sharing a lemonade at the food stand.
Polyester uniform, black tag, brown hair.
I shouldn't have let it bother me; I shouldn't now, but it's only
During those fleeting moments of clarity that I recall
When your smile was meant for me.
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