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The Sniff Test

Oh, how interesting. Supposedly, in Scott McClellan's new book, he has a telephone conversation with Pres. Bush wherein Dubbya says that he doesn't remember whether he tried cocaine. This sounds bogus to me, but not in the same way that the news media is saying. They keep asking, "How can someone not remember taking an illegal substance?" Clearly, these people have never taken coke themselves. Even for me; who has not taken coke but who has taken pot, acid, shrooms, and opium; the idea of whether it's illegal or not pales beside the overwhelming fact of the first ingestion of the chemicals themselves. These are not merely intoxicants, they are transformative substances. Taking these irrevocably changes a person's brain chemistry, if not his whole worldview.

If George W. Bush doesn't remember ever trying cocaine, he hasn't.
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