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Surfing the Shallow Sea

Okay, I'm back. I didn't really go far, just to the ends of LJ and back. It's vast, I'll give it that; but it isn't as full as I'd hoped. I soared, dipped, and plunged. Dug into arts and crafts like I'd never seen, but one theme seems to permeate the whole: boredom. Everyone's suffering from media overload and think that's all there is. Well, after a couple hours reading peoples' opinions of this or that piece of someone else's works I have to wash out my mind and go back to doing my own thing. Talking with becauseilive  and cranaspen pretty much brought me into this place and they're still about the most real ones I've met, so forgive me if I stick around their space for a while. To you, Jac and Megan, here's hoping whatever troubles I was seeing this week are only temporary-I'd hate to think I came in at the end of something rather than the beginning. Peace.
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