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Bluebonnet Circle wind down update

Actually, I got Lizzie to cry in Ch. 24. I was going to revise what I'd written for Ch. 25 anyway. That's done now, a kind of milestone for me. It means only 3 chapters to go out of 28. It also means that I've passed the 100,000 word mark at 103,040 words. That may not sound huge for a novel, but to me, as my first solid work, it boggles the mind. Just where did all that come from? Especially if the last three chapters prove as long as Ch. 25, which came in at 13,171 words. That would give me 145,553; damn close to 150k! Far more important for this break, however, is that it means that Shake is dead, and in the next chapter Lizzie will follow. After agonizing over just the outline of this part of the story for gods know how long, I can hardly believe that I'm actually going to do it. Lizzie, I'm afraid that your time is up. Please, everyone, a moment of silence.

Still there? Next time you hear from me in this LJ, I may finally have put to (temporary) sleep my prima opus, Bluebonnet Circle.
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