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Back on the Job

After a hiatus of I can't remember how long, I've started writing drafts for Bluebonnet Circle again. I've done four more in so many days, so if I keep up this pace I'll be finished in less than two weeks. I'll have to rewrite Ch. 25, as some of the plot details have changed, and older chapters updated, but overall I think it's going well. In case you're interested and haven't been bored/sickened/insulted by it already, it's at bluebonnets817. The main story begins after several bits I've written for quick reference into background (which themselves may be fleshed out later). Everything is dated in chronological order of the story itself so that I can rewrite any part at any time and not have to shuffle them around. WARNINGS: it's graphic in language, drug references, and sex, so don't let your bosses lean over your shoulders to read it. It's also, admittedly, full of stereotypes of gender, sexual orientation, and color. IT'S SUPPOSED TO, so don't throw "Yer a dick!" at me, at least until it's finally finished. Finally, major characters are going to die or be raped (or something like that), so don't expect a 'Disney' ending. I've said from the beginning that "Lizzie" is doomed, and she isn't the only one, so don't blame me if it makes you angry when it comes. This is the work in progress, not a published hardbound copy, so I reserve the right to spoil at will. Hell, I might still write the last chapter before I get to #26. That one took me at least three years to get down on paper, anyway.
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