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Puritans Suck

I don't normally give a shit about celebrities' lives any more than any other strangers, but when someone is forced by our schizophrenically moral society to apologize for something she needs feel no guilt over I have to add my two cents. Yes, it's about Miley Cyrus, someone who I'd never heard of before last week. As with most younger women and girls, now, she makes me think of my two sisters and their daughters, who have had their own triumphs and mishaps. This girl is not yet of age for what I've heard referred to as "pornographic" photos or movies, but what she's done for Vanity Fair is so far from this as to be laughable if not for the apology. This sort of puritanical nonsense is always touted to be meant to protect children, especially girls, from the horrors of rape and exploitation; but all I see here is the sour grapes born of envy. If any evil should come from her showing her back and shoulders, less than most girls show on beaches during the summer, the blame should still lie with those who do the evil; never with her. Blaming Hanna Montana for future hypotheticals is post hoc ergo propter hoc blaming the victim, and I will have none of that. She is a beautiful girl, if not yet what we legally call a woman, but her picture gives no license and shows no irresistible temptation. Her family was at the session, and the photographer a well known professional; where was the danger there? More importantly to me, although this is probably not my place to say, being a single man of thirty-eight, but does she not deserve her sexuality, if that's even a small part of what she wishes to show? Must young people be treated as infants until they are grudgingly granted the title of adult? A fifteen year old girl is no infant, and expecting her to as one is not only wrong, it's untenable. My grandmother, mother, sister, and one niece all became pregnant for their first times at fifteen. My mother and grandmother were then forced into marriage in a world where unmarried pregnancies, prophylactics, and abortion were not only forbidden but not even spoken of amongst family. My sister and niece, though born into a different world, nevertheless felt obligated to consent to marriages that were short-lived and abominable. And here, we are supposed to condemn a young woman for merely appearing in a photo that is only "suggestive" for those who are looking at it for suggestions? I won't condemn her, as I didn't condemn Drew Barrymore in her day nor even Britney Spears in hers. As I can't condemn my sisters nor my nieces. What she has done has harmed no one, and any harm done cannot be laid at her feet. I'm not a fan; I don't even have the Disney Channel or want it, but in this case Miley Cyrus has my support.
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