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25 April 2008 @ 07:45 am
The Scottish Play: with apologies to the Bard  
The forest came walking, just like you said it would,
And the man not born of woman,
Yes, the man not born of shame,
The man not born of woman won the day.
It was as the three witches said:
Hail, Thane;
Hail, Thane;
Hail King.
But the crown was taken by the Queen,
And the Queen is dead.
One act, one thought, one dirty deed-
Two unwashed hands, now never to be clean.
One man betrayed, another by his own heart,
A third man to hit the mark.
Hail, Thane;
Hail, Thane;
Hail, King.
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Current Music: Blue Öyster Cult-She's as Beautiful as a Foot