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A Reminder for Those Who May Be Confused

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Oh, but you say, I used God last time!
Well, God means something different to me.
The asymptotic limit of wishes.
A whiter shade of blank.
The not that unravels reason.
It's got its pluses-
Being loved by a supreme being
Means no regrets;
Question yourself and you question the Plan.
Why ask why
When you've got a book that says
All you've got to do is believe.
Sounds simple, really;
But just try to believe
That men can walk on water,
That the sun can stand still,
That a snake can see you,
But that God asks why you hide.
Just try to wrestle with an angel
In your mind for a while.
Try to bargain with the Devil
While God plays a small, golden fiddle.
Too small to see,
Because it isn't there.
It's not that God doesn't care
For your troubles,
Your needs,
Your most precious wishes.
It's not that waiting around for a two thousand year old corpse
To rise up and call the score
Is starting to get old.
It's not that twelve men couldn't devote themselves to washing the feet of a fatherless child.
It's just that God, as such, isn't.
The earth tumbles without Him.
The works of Man crumble from erosion without the need for
Divine retribution.
The Four Forces do a fine job
All on their own.
The Four Horsemen are only the instruments of vengeance
Of a lonely and troubled mind.
The hosts of Heaven
Are no longer needed to lay waste to whole nations.
All that is, was, and ever will be
Requires no more explanation than
It is.
It was.
It will be done
On earth, as it is wherever liquid water,
Complex carbon molecules,
And free oxygen meet.
You weren't created in the image of God;
You were created in the throes of passion.
God wasn't there.
He wasn't there when Mary lied about her baby's daddy, either.
God wasn't on the Mount when Moses forged a Kingdom with a chisel out of two rocks,
And he's not in the gaps, now.
God doesn't hear your prayers, because he'd need ears for that
And wishes don't have ears.
Sorry to break this to you,
But I don't miss God
Or hate God
Or cry myself to sleep on those days when I'm too sick to get out of bed
Because God hates me;
I'm not an atheist because I'm missing something.
I'm an atheist because I'm not missing something.
You can't miss what never was there to begin with.
And you don't need what isn't there now.
Look out your window-
Do the clouds need God's breath to hold them up?
Does a child need God's breath to howl?
Does Escherichia coli need God to tell it how to digest simple sugars?
Does a man of God need the Holy Spirit to spout nonsense
And call it tongues?
Does a doctor need to lay on hands to administer the cure for polio?
Bubonic plague?
Do you really need to kneel by your bedside to ask the air for support?
Or can't your feet do that?
Your friends and family?
Your strength lies not within the pages of the Word of God;
Its writers didn't even know that the Western Hemisphere existed, let alone you.
All you need is to get up,
Stop believing in fairy tales,
And realize that
It's you who gives a meaning to life.
It's you who overcomes the worst that life can offer.
It's you who makes life better for friends and family.
It's you who answers your prayers.
It's you and loved ones you know,
Unloved ones you know or don't know,
And a whole shitload of people you'll never meet.
But it never was God,
Nor His angels,
Nor His only begotten son,
Nor even the Trickster playing games with your head;
Because they only exist in the place in your mind reserved for childhood wishes,
Adolescent dreams,
And adult nightmares.
If none of this is enough to change your mind,
Just think about me and ask yourself:
If I've lived for nearly forty years,
Never for one second feeling the presence of God,
The need for God,
The guilt of turning away from God's plan,
Fear of the wrath of God,
Gratefulness for the love of God,
Or the urge to seek for the forgiveness of God,
How come I'm still happy?
Ask yourself that if I don't even believe that God exists,
How can I enjoy living?
And I'll ask you:
Why wouldn't I?
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