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The One is not One

The word distance
Begs the question.
Its use presumes a gulf,
Whether open or bridged.

Two souls connected? No.
Two questing hearts beating in sync,
Worlds apart? No.
Two who once happened to look into each other's eyes
And saw,
If only for a moment,
The One.

The crowd walks around them, unseen, unseeing.
Coworkers, classmates, family, accidental strangers,
If not for the envy, the jealousy, or the resentment,
They might last beyond the exhaustion of their passion;
But no.
Even while they share the same breath,
While their hearts beat as one,
And their eyes again happen to meet,
They see only

Two, free except for the need,
Need more than the want.
Want more than the have.
Have more than the need
To be wanted.
The two want the One.

Pity, that so often when lust and its attendant confusion ebb,
The two forget that,
If only for a moment,
Seeing was believing.
Pity, that through all the talk,
They don't notice that the envy, the jealousy, and the resentment isn't aimed at two...

And that even long after the first fire is gone and the talk has stopped,
If they stay close enough,
They might happen to have another look into the moment
When the two were the One.

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