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The Other Shore III

The serpents bow and curtsy before my love,
Their wings rippling in the summer breeze
Upon the shore.

The sun glistens within teardrops
Shed by my happiest, hopeful love
And burst in lilliputian fireworks
On the sand.

Her bare feet follow mine
From beach to grass to cool stone;
The doorway, the winding stair.
Her hands hold the filigree railing, but her hair flies free;
Her eyes search for the world we left behind.

Then back down for another formal greeting.
A withered man in a mage's cloak;
Exchanges of knowing glances.
I came across when dreams were still new, he says.
She smiles;
She knows my dreams are younger every day.

She, upon a roan;
I, upon a dun.
Given both with only tales for payment,
knowing we'd never return for the telling.

Evergreen butterfly wings
And finer things
Await our questing souls
On the found continent.
We turn our backs to the abyss
And follow the ancient path
Up between the dunes,
Into the trees,
Into songs sung by our mothers,
Saying: welcome
To the other shore.
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