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Gravity and Motion

Love is a strange attractor.
No matter how people try to get closer to it, they only find each other.
Toiling day and night to make ends meet, they run in circles within circles.
And when they hit, it can be as softly as a train wreck
Or as hard as a leaf falling into a pond.
It can be a glancing blow. A touch of fingers and lips, then distance seen through rain-streaked glass.
It can be tight like two trees grown together, their roots mingling deep underground,
or it can be only leaves brushing as limbs are thrashed in the storm.
Let ours be as a river flowing into the ocean.
Though one is serene, it's dense with the soil of a thousand miles. Though the other is choppy, it can never run dry.
And once together, no one can tell them apart
Until they rise again into the sky.
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