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Wake up and Smell the Millennium

Do you write just to see the cheetah gnawing at a bone?
There's but one reason to drag a failing wheel up the side of a crater on Mars.
Someone out there is watching.

Or... or... or maybe the habit's just too hard to break? The life on the lam, the lamb on the pita, the Peter Principle. The name in print.
Without this, who would be the one to spray water and methane into the ring between Mimas and Rhea? A whole universe to come home to.
Sure, your car's losing oil, but have you seen the drops on Hellfire Peninsula? Man, the blues and greens are filling my slots like bad science on cable.
Don't give in to the transpose of the matrix of cofactors. Don't fall into a rut unless you're the alpha female. Even then, a lioness might ring you on her cell.
So fine, so firm, so fully functional right out of the box. A baby's not a miracle, but who can watch The Learning Channel without getting a splash of blood in his eye?
And there's the outright insanity of it all! Eels in a Japanese butt. Box cutters on a plane! Oh, wait, that one's for the red tide slowly seeping into the Ambrose Channel.
If you don't get any of this, I'm right with you, Bud. It's all a mystery to foregone conclusions. It's all a dream to the All Devourer. It's all for one, and one for the road.
So, let's go.
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