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Addicted to LJ

Hell for a dollar and don't you know?
I've nothing but a nickel to show.

Gasoline fumes worth its weight in gold leaf domes.
Grinding for experience below the swamp of sorrows.
Grateful deadheads sad to outlive the bear.
These are all of a day.

Parts of Pakistanis blowing in the wind-dry as a faded scroll.
Freedom found another martyr in that frontier between prophesy and protest.
What dust wraps full around the world-to land on a flatscreen.
These are all of a place.

White man, white woman, black man.
Where's the room for yellow and brown, and rainbow flags?
WTF FTW! OMG ROFLMAO!!!eleventyone!
These are all of a piece.

In for a pint, in for a pound...
Out for a pack of smokes.
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