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Wizard of Worcraft

I have been claimed by a new cult. No, just kidding! I have been spending a fat load of time building XP for four alts in WoW lately, though. That's right, folks, after putting it off for several years, I've finally tried my hand at the MMORPG World of Warcraft. For someone who last tramped through a dungeon in the stand-up version of Gauntlet, I am finding it a more than worthy descendant. I could see the possibilities opening up even that far back, and I know that this is still just the beginning. Like most such things, however, I'll probably soon lose most interest and get back to my math and stories. Until then, however, I'll be filling out my maps, filling up my slots, and blowing away Murlocs and Furbolgs. Jeez, I hate those frakking Murlocs!

Green elf needs food, badly.
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