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Well, my droogs, I've been working my butt off writing in bluebonnets817 for your amusement (or annoyance, whichever gets you going), and have 14 out of 28 chapters written in the main part, Bluebonnet Circle. It's starting to look like it's not an insurmountable obstacle after all, although I'm now stuck with having to rewrite the later chapters (13 and 25) that I'd written first. Oh, the fickleness of plot detail! I hope you like it; there's a shitload of drama in there and more to come.

The real problem I have now is that, due to the idiosyncratic structure of BC, chapters 14-28 will be in general longer than 1-14. What a nightmare! Don't worry, though, I'm not afraid of nightmares.

Later, if I don't die of carpal tunnel syndrome.
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