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Whew! That was embarassing.

I guess you could say I went overboard there. The second (untitled) poem was actually written in college, but the rest were from good ole Southwest High. "Faith", "Beauty", etc. were from creative writing class, at a time when I was totally smitten by a Christian girl. I didn't share that (which she made plain was a deal breaker), but I thought it appropriate to write from that perspective. "Suicidal Symphonies" was written about the same time as "Kerouwacky", both about the poetry readings at The Hop in Fort Worth circa 1988-89. The untitled, unfinished one was about a certain red-haired girl I knew at TCJC (who shall remain nameless). I don't have much more from those years that isn't even worse than what I've copied out here, so don't expect more old stuff.

My new stuff is bad enough. ;)
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