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The simple beauty of a smile
     From this young, enchanting one
Disarms the most perverted mind
     And renders wicked thoughts undone;
For who could dare betray the love
     She freely gives to everyone?

The kindness in her merry face
     Is shown to all she meets,
And, no matter their mood or prejudice,
     Always with words of cheer she greets.
So fulfilled in life is she,
     She feels no foul conceits.

Through days of dull and menial work
     And nights of uncertain release,
She seeks her own resolved reform
     So forever does her faith increase.
She dwells not on others' wrongs,
     But instead reveals her inner peace.

When praised, she lowers her warm, brown eyes;
     To presume is not her due.
When cursed, she answers without offense;
     Instead, their acceptance she strives to renew.
And when told three wonderful words,
     She softly says -
                                 I love you, too.

This girl of God rules emotions of many,
     Yet treats her true friends without guile.
To know her is to behold a miracle,
     Though her eyes may show silent denial.
To understand why I love her so,
     You need only to see her smile.
Pray that you may see her smile.

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