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A simple trust in One Divine
Has this girl of flowing hair;
Belief in love incarnadine
And clemency beyond compare.

Still fresh with freedom, she's trying her wings;
Asking no help, but giving her best.
Alongside her dear brother, she happily sings
And all who hear love her; so well she is blessed.
     We could all learn from how well she is blessed.

The beauty of He who was slain on the cross
Shows through in her eyes and her generous smile;
For no matter material distress or loss,
She thanks the Lord Jesus for life all the while.
     With love and allegiance, she prays all the while.

Through devotion informal her worship defends
The idea that Jesus will triumph again.
In this profane existence, she stands by her friends
And humbly holds her fond vision within.
     Though tempted and taunted, she holds it within.

She strives to transform her soul into one
That conforms to an ideal essence of pure,
But I know that already it shines like the sun
And so shall forever endure.
     By Divine Grace may it forever endure.

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