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After a dog's lifetime, plus half a cat's, she walked across the tracks.
Led by tattoos and curling smoke, she took the fork in the road-
More travelled.
Sitting on the roof by twos and threes, contributing to the delinquency of midnight.
She shinnied out her window on Surrey (she shinnied out her window on Winifred (she shinnied out her window on Memphis...
She drank and smoked and cried and kissed and bled and died-and shinnied in her window on Surrey.
The paint ran on the Wall of Fame. Tag, you're it! Red and blue, black and whitewashed it clean again.
Breaking into abandoned children, leaving shards all over the back room.
Another roof, another she. The dank spirits curled about so many.
Rattling down the country road, bouncing over the rails-
And through the woods to Benbrook Lake we go. The Pit! The Pit! The Pit. Is. On. Fire!
MOther FUcker BURN!!!

She shinnied out her window (she shinnied out her window (she shinnied out her window (she shinnied out her window...

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