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It is walks too fast for me.
It is hears a voice too soft.
It is she was, and will not be.

Be for me.

A hollow choices made.
A hollow resting on her side; I hear the sigh.
A hollow leaving again; this time the last?

Come and go, but do not stop.

Wilting roses grass between her toes.
Wilting roses blinks an evergreen eye.
Wilting roses she was, and will not be.

Forest run, laughing! Forest fall, kissing flowers. Forest fire, marshmallows on sticks, and warm sleeping bag.
A leaf slides past her cheek, she smiles! The hollow in that smile-stop thinking! No use, today crawls back inside.

It is sits with her friends.
It is drinks shots with funny names.
It is she was, and will not be.

Be for me.

A hollow numbers exchanged.
A hollow waiting; that's all.
A hollow throwing pennies at windows.

Came and went, but did not stop.

Wilting roses lace covering her hair.
Wilting roses tears fall on a diamond.
Wilting roses we were, and will not be.
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