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Slack in the Battle

Sometimes I'm surprised by the sun. After a monumental wrestling match with a new computer or a coding marathon, I often have lost track of time for so long that I don't even remember what day it is. That happened this morning.

In a way, I can say that you guys are lucky to have schedules and deadlines; it's a lonely feeling to emerge from a week or more of almost constant work and worry to find no one there who appreciates the effort. `S alright, though, I'm tough.

And I'm fully operational again, re: the Fusebox #9. It was touch and go for a while, when I somehow erased the MBR on my main hard drive, losing the WinXP and a shitload of settings and data. Backup, they tell you, but I didn't have 60Gigs worth of CDs to burn and so had to make due with saving my pics, vids, javas, and other non-executables. Pity, I 've had a good copy of Sonique since #6-Lycos doesn't know just how shitty they are now. The same with Irfanview. It might work with Wine, but I've had no luck there so far. The Gimp's great, but I don't need a cheap Photoshop, and Gwenview's just not up to par. Whatever. If I learn programing well enough, I can write my own media players.

What really bothers me is not the Detox-like strain of losing Windows; hell, that was the plan all along. It's that not having it as a backup means that I must master the beast that is teh DOS. It's a bitch, folks, even for someone who has been stringing computers together for fifteen years. Most of that time, I've been working on the software level; I haven't done much work from the command line since before Windows. Java, Python, C#, Mathematica, now back to Unix? Ugh. cd /root; ./configuremyass

And Linux isn't the programmer's paradise I expected. It seems that the major distros like Ubuntu and Redhat are full of security paranoiacs obsessed with making new and more convoluted hoops for me to jump through to get to the guts. This is just the sort of crap I got away from Win for! Screw your corporate Lan password su crap, I'm fully firewalled; give me back my root! At least I can opt out of the user bullshit with Slackware and DSL, but therein lies the rub. It's either do everything yourself or kiss kdesu ass.

Speaking of (K)Ubuntu, what's with these weirdos, anyway? Some kind of happyhappyjoyjoy cult? "Join our Community." Community? WTF? This is Linux, beotch! Get your 'social governing body' out of my pants! A Christian distro? A Satanic distro? They're like soccer moms pretending to be cool because their kids know how to install their own WoW. They want the prestige of being independent without the accompanying hassle of learning what a fscking OS is. Screw them, I'll stay with "Bob".

So, being the fiddler that I am, I'll probably crash this system regularly from now on (good thing I have four different OS's on CD now to choose from), so don't be surprised if I disappear periodically. Besides that, It turns out that Net Beans works even better with Slack, so I'm already delvung further into Java. Somebody drag me out of here and give me a joint before I change my name to David Lightman.
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