August 24th, 2010


I'm so old.

A lot has been made lately of the "mindset" of the recent graduating college class, and I admit to finding it quite fascinating, if a little depressing. I didn't have what I'd call a seminal "mindset moment" until this past Saturday, however, when I was out in the college bars. I was having a political conversation with a group of happily tipsy kids, when one guy brought up the recently overused "even a broken clock is right twice a day" cliché. True to form, a young woman at the table, very bright by any standard, said, "I don't get that." The rest of us took five minutes explaining to her what rotary clocks are. Big Ben? We thought. Surely, she'd know about that. The clock tower in Back to the Future? Never seen the trilogy. Apparently, she's never seen a rotary clock or watch in her life. Where's my time-traveling DeLorean? I want to go back to the `80s, when we were sure we'd all get it in WWIII.
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