August 12th, 2010


Too good to be true

Okay, I'm not the geekiest guy on the net, but I'm not a rank n00b, either. My IP, Charter Cable and Worldwide Domination, last gave us the round figure for our connection speed at 5Mbps. Now, I know this is averaged, though I'm not sure over what exactly. The US? The world? Avg daily use? Avg website traffic? Anyway, I expected to see that when doing speed tests after momentary cable burps, but what I've gotten consistently for about a year now kinda bothers me. I test connections all over the world and, yeah, Volgograd will only get me a 2Mbps down. Christchurch around 1. But anywhere in the US, I regularly get over 20Mbps. For the short hops from Dallas or Austin, I get 48Mbps every time. That's HUGE. I don't want to take the time to figure out how long my old 1100baud would have to work to pull down the stuff I can get now in a minute. Washington DC? 28Mbps. Bellingham, Washington? 24Mbps. This has got to be a dream.