July 8th, 2010


For that chick from St. Louis

If the stuff I gave you is confusing, just look through the PDFs in the "Blue Circle" folder and the "SitaRoryn/OpenMaster" folders. I didn't mean to include "The Dragons of Cowtown" since, as you can see, I've just started on that. The new "Sita Roryn" version is in "NewRoryn", obviously. I'll be making pretty radical changes to what I've written there so far, so don't take anything after "The Value of a Name" seriously. As you can see from the outline, it has already diverged pretty heavily from the original and from what I was planning; it is certain to diverge further still. You can print out whatever you want, but I can't imagine what SR would cost in printer ink and paper.I already have a cousin Farley printing out that one and promising to bring me a hard copy. If Genevieve did that, it would take up half of her room at the South Pole. Anyway, enjoy. I'll send you a copy of the new "Sita Roryn" and TDoC when I finish them, if you want, but I'll probably be setting up LJs for them as well.
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