April 15th, 2010


Well, I'm Screwed

I recently made a mistake. Not a huge one by monetary standards, but annoying on several fronts. I should have known better, considering how well-versed I consider myself to be on how badly commercial download services suck, but I wanted convenience. I'm a (revised) Battlestar Galactica nut, so I thought I might buy the series. Could I wait for DVDs? Hells no, I'm an internaut! I went to Amazon VOD and got season 1. No problem, I'm all Vistafied and up-to-date with all the bullshit their DRM requires. Watched'em with no trouble, either. Just so I know I'll never really own them this way, right? Well, I thought I'd get to season 2 and guess what? They decided to upgrade the Unbox while I was in the middle of Ep. 4. Suddenly all of season 2 is unwatchable, and Unbox requires reinstalment. Fine...Annoying, as I said, but after reinstalling? Now, none of the shit I bought from Amazon is watchable. Zipping through googled trouble pages gets me to the problem. Apparently, the combination of Unbox, Vista, and WMP 11 (for the DRM) is only partially compatible, so that when you uninstal Unbox (even with its temporary feature), it might nix all of your licenses. I had to DL all of the files again to get new DRM.

So, not a fatal error, but annoying. Lesson? I already knew that DRM is of THE FUCKING DEVIL, so I guess this means I shouldn't be a dumbass and use Amazon VOD. Take this as a lesson, truth, beauty, and freedom fans.
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