February 10th, 2010


Douglas Adams is Smiling

A funny thing happened to Douglas Adams on the way to the afterlife. It turned out that there wasn't one. While I'm sure that he would have been more than happy to reanimate his body and resume writing, this would have been most inconvenient, since his body is no longer in proper working order. He was able to get a measure of work done through the assistance of Eoin Colfer, although many fans have voiced the (rather callous) opinion that Colfer's ghost writer was actually a Vogon. I can't judge this yet, as I haven't read the sixth installment of the ever-further-from-appropriately-named trilogy. I will soon, unless I go meet DNA for dinner at Milliway's, because I've pre-ordered the paperback version of And Another Thing... through Amazon. That's what brings me to this post (besides giving yet another inexplicable wet, sobbing cry when reminded that he's no longer in residence in zz9 plural z alpha), because I got an email from Amazon today saying that the date for release of the paperback has been revised by a relatively trivial amount. What caught my eye, and brought a flood of tears, was how the email was written. It included an apology which in any other place would seem coldly informal. Of course, it said, "We apologize for the inconvenience." Somewhere, though apparently neither above nor below the clouds, Douglas Adams is smiling. But not me; not today.
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