November 19th, 2009


Persistence: Chat Log

slackermark: So, wuzzup, Auri? Is red_susan getting on your nerves again?

aurelius160: lol no. I leave arguments in their threads. I have a question for you...kinda personal.

slackermark: Ooh. Should I log out now or wait to hear it before unfriending you?

aurelius160: Not quite that personal. I know that you don't like to talk about your situation. But I also know that you've been frustrated with the social sites.

slackermark: That obvious? Heh. What gave me away, my endless diatribes on the evil empire of UnityNet?

aurelius160: Not that I disagree, but there are alternatives that you're not looking into.

slackermark: AOL, perhaps? Oh, wait, that dinosaur finally died last year, didn't it? And good riddance.

aurelius160: Another good one, but no. I mean gaming. It's more social than you think, and full of people smarter than the average UnityNet chatbot.

slackermark: Who, me, gaming? I haven't played video games since high school, and I wasn't good at them then.

aurelius160: Things have changed A LOT since video arcades, Mark. You'd be surprised what a world there is in gaming. If you want people to have intense times with, but can keep at arm's length, it's in places like MMORPGs and virtual worlds like Avahome.

slackermark: IDK, man. Sounds like kids shooting monsters to me. I'm just not into wasting my time like that. Not that I'm doing much else with it...

aurelius160: Hey, I said that I've got three invite accounts for NephilimArisen. No one's taken them yet. It's free for a month. There's no reason to keep it if you don't like it, and I won't say anything else about it if you don't.

slackermark: Why do I get the feeling that I'm being recruited by a cult? Come on, Auri, we're members of no_solicitors, for god's sake!

aurelius160: Ouch! That cuts deep. Alright, forget I mentioned it. You know I'm just as devout a skeptic as you are, but gaming is whatever you want to make of it. Sorry for coming off like a door-knocker.

slackermark: Mmmm... Well, whatev. Go ahead and email me with the info or however it works. I guess a few minutes stabbing at orcs with flaming swords wouldn't kill me.

aurelius160: Oh, you'll die. A bunch of times, but that's part of the fun. ;) The account's not just for NephilimArisen, though, but you'll find out about that from the manual. Just give it a try. I guarantee that you'll meet at least one friend in there (if you pick the Daring Do server and search for Gorefiend later tonight).

slackermark: Gorefiend? You? What would red_susan think?

aurelius160: LOL! Screw red_susan. She's too much of a blue-haired church lady. Hey, I've gotta run - work calls. I'm throwing the account details at you now. I'll be on the Grid after about 8 if you're interested. Go to Daring Do server at first. It doesn't really matter after you start hopping games, but I can help you get started out.

slackermark: Okay, Auri. Or should I say Gorefiend? Yeah, just a website with a user/pass? I got it. I'm free now, so I'll take a look. See you later...maybe. :P

aurelius160: Haha. Alright, later. Oh, and there aren't any orcs in NA, but I think there are two or three games on the Grid with them.

slackermark: What's the Grid?

aurelius160: You'll see. Just get comfortable with NA first, then you can go exploring.

slackermark: Mhmm. Exploring. Cult!

aurelius160: Funny. No obligations, and no brainwashing. Just watch out for griefers.

slackermark: Is that the Grid version of orcs?

aurelius160: It's the Grid version of red_susan.

slackermark: Gotcha. Later, man.

aurelius160: Righteo.
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