November 17th, 2009


New Project

I'm not yet finished with my Sita Roryn writing project, but I'm into its final chapter and probably have less than 50 pages to go. This has been a full summer marathon, approximately 600 pages so far, written in 5-20 page 'bits' which I have diligently sent to my cousin, Genevieve, in Antarctica. As a result, I think I've learned a bunch more about writing, and Genevieve is surely sick of reading in 5 months of serials what anyone would normally get through in only a few days. :)

But, the inevitable has happened as well, and I also have become rather tired of Roryn and her world; at least temporarily. I still plan to pull some of the characters and situations from it to create a more appropriate narrative for a novel - possibly a young adult novel, which the project itself most definitely is not. I am also planning to set up a new LJ to put the project in when I finish it and do some minimal cleaning up. Otherwise, my mind has naturally turned to other things. To pull myself out of the Sita Roryn rut and have another try at a pre-planned story arc, I've decided to begin a new writing project, tentatively titled Guildmaster.

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