October 17th, 2009

Rainbow Warrior

lost at sea

very the sail, the billowed sail which brought me here
in tatters, soaking, whips the wind
very the sun, the searching sun, which led the way
behind gray mountains hides

bring the seabirds
wings tilted and swaying
low between the spray, high over torn sail
let them cut these stays
take the frayed ends
and lead me home
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There is No Place

There is no place which love calls home;
Love calls all places yesterday.
Run to yesterday and you find strangers laughing for forgotten reasons,
Friends speaking with no voice,
Tears falling from faceless others
You once knew better than yourself.
There is no place because
There is only here
For love
When love is a touch.
There is only there
For longing in love
When touching is yesterday.
Here and there move with the touch,
Leave when parting is sweet
But clings to no named place.
Here and there are together and apart;
Are we and we once were.
Look in the empty room,
The misty mountainside,
And a thousand hidden heavens;
Love remembers those, but
Calls home only
The here and
The now.
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    Khachaturian - Gayane Ballet Suite

don't from waiting

don't from waiting
lose the will
justification sought after
when the purpose dies by
second guesses
just do it

see in yourself
not the thing finished
not the thing begun
but the thing becoming

don't from getting ready
forget to be
gathering the right tools is
fear in the name of
just do it
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    Strauss - The Emperor Waltz
LHC Sunflower


On the belt of Orion, space is not cold;
Here there be dragons.
Thrown from the buffeted nursery,
They consume themselves in blue-white heat.
Biding their short time,
Bloated in rage and revulsion,
They wait only until they taste their own blood,
Then gather themselves into inconceivable fury
And spray death upon a million worlds.
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    Pinl Floyd - One of These Days