September 9th, 2009


Persistence: Shabti (pt. I)

Here's an idea that has nagged at me over the last few days while nearing the end of my (now over 600 page!) Sita Roryn writing 'lesson'. I held it in until I just burst. So, here it is in all its half-baked glory. It's a speculative or near-future tale of a guy who wipes the online accounts of dead people for a living and the - ah - residue left behind when he breaks the rules. Also, there's a trope I've added to the WoW-like gaming universe that some might understand from the idea of a farming bot and the uncanny ability of gaming companies to screw themselves while trying to accommodate the bitching or piracy of their players. Please give any and all comments or advice. I'll try to edit when my fingers recover from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

PS: post too large, so...this is pt. I. See the rest in my next post. :p

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