January 6th, 2009


The Mystery

Be it soft, sudden, strained, or unsought;
There is nothing in human interaction
So frightening,
So fulfilling,
So frustrating,
So assuring,
So dangerous,
So tempting,
So torturous, or
So sublime as
A first kiss.
By lips, yet unvoiced;
Face to face, yet unseen;
It is the replacement of dreams by reality and reality by dreams.
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Bad news from the Motherland. Our bearish overlords in Russia have cut nearly half of the US LJ work force, owing apparently to the imminent death of the Russian stock market and our parent company. This may be a premature warning, but don't be too shocked if you get online some day next week and your journals have mysteriously vanished. So much for that $175 I spent on a permanent account.

EDIT: in response to the weirdness, I've created far2sane at insanejournal.com, just in case. I think I'll backup my poetry there, at least.
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