December 23rd, 2008


inconstant moon

for fire does in this life light
your face in its softness
arising through folds of quilted cotton
one side to the fairy flame
the darker side to me
i ask you to turn and tell me what you see
but the shadow doesn't turn with you
so wanes the light
then crescent
then silhouette
then eclipse
and the annulus whispers
come to me
laughing at you

Rob Brezsny in a Sash and Diaper!

Not really, although I wouldn't put it past him. That tongue-in-cheek purveyor of prose has made this month's Free Will Astrology into a pronoiac look forward into 2009, and some of you have taken the plunge. Far be it from me to stay out of whatever dog pile that guy's digging up! Heeeeeeere's Cancer:

To get ready for 2009, I invite you to fantasize in depth about the fertile alliances that might be possible for you to cultivate in the coming months. These lively, inspiring bonds could be with people you haven't met yet. They could be with acquaintances you barely know but would like to know better. And they could be with friends, collaborators, and loved ones you're already intimate with but want to become even closer to. The coming year has the potential to bring revolutionary advances in the quality and intensity of your relationships, so it will be smart for you to work hard on making that happen.

Well, not very different from everybody else's, but then, isn't this the time of year when we're all supposed to get around the piano and sing our hearts out to fifty year old holiday tunes (never mind the offkey choruses and forgotten verses)? Happy Saturnalia, truth and beauty fans!
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