July 5th, 2008

Dead Kid


Four o'clock and that's all I've got;
Twenty minutes until ten years gone.

Reach out while young,
Or those who got away will lose their faces
As well as the feeling of their hands in yours.
Those things aren't supposed to be
But all things pass...
And keep reaching out,
Because holding hands is not just for playmates
Or first time lovers;
Even the most jaded can find warmth
In a touch.
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One second in transit
The magic that is mirrored in your eyes.
Twenty-eight days,
Yet only the fullness is celebrated
By lovesick fools and backwards-looking dreamers.
There is magic in the darkest of nights,
There is fullness in the cup overflowing,
And the wolves do not sing of love.

One second for the light
Of silent mountains and frozen seas
To reach behind your eyes,
And one second more
For the tear in mine to fall.

Such beauty...
Such beauty...

In the new moon.
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I have outdone myself in nerdism

Having recaptured my unhealthy love for Rubik's Cubes, which I wrote about in previous posts, I was unable to hold back when I found that V-Cubes (formerly Olympic Cubes) was accepting pre-orders for their 7x7x7 cube. It's shown on Youtube being solved here. Since it's a pre-order, I don't expect it to be shipped until September, so I'll have to make do with Gabbasoft until then. The thing costs near $75, which may seem ludicrous, but remember that there are so many more expensive obsessions that I don't have, and I only need one 7x7x7 cube to play with, after all.

That said, I'm eagerly awaiting the "ultimate" V-cube, 11x11x11. Gods, but I'm a hopeless nerd.
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