December 9th, 2006


The story of Fire

I'm bored, so... a bit of pseudo-Hindu weirdness. Enjoy.

A long time ago, very close to the Beginning of All Things, our Father created the lesser gods and goddesses to keep Him company and entertain Him. One of the goddesses was more beautiful than the rest and became special in His sight. She we now call Mother, for through Her all lesser beings were born. Indeed Father and Mother married and begat the world so that all the lesser gods and goddesses could find beauty and be themselves entertained.

Now, Mother was not content to stay at Father's side and be the Vessel of Creation. She wished Him to make of His own hands a garden that would be for Her entertainment only. Father knew this to be a vain request that would lead to both good and ill, but because of His love for Her He consented and created at the center of the world a garden of plants and creatures most subtle of power and beauty. Allowing Mother every part of Her request, Father set this garden apart from the world and forbade any other to enter it, then left it to her.

Enthralled, Mother walked in Her garden for many years, for that was how long it took to see every part, and was amazed at the skill of Her Divine Husband to bring forth life. On the last day before returning to our Father's throne, however, she came across a thing of most astounding beauty. A thing She believed more beautiful than Her. It stood alone in a clearing, dancing with lights not seen anywhere else in Creation. "Are you a plant or creature?" Mother asked it, for all things answer to the gods. "No," it answered, "I am Fire." "How have you come to be so beautiful?" "I was made thus by my Father. I know no purpose but to worship beauty and dance for you." Mother was wroth. She believed this meant that Fire worshipped itself, when in truth it was Her and the rest of Creation that it loved. In anger, She went back to Father.

"Why have you made something more beautiful than me?" she asked. "How can you love me while Fire exists? Let me destroy it so that you can love me alone." Father understood Mother's pain, but He knew that to simply take it from her would diminish that which made Her His favorite. If Her vanity led Her to make mistakes, then She must be allowed to know their consequences.

"Of all Creation, you are the most beautiful to my eyes, yet you do not see it. I created Fire for you and placed it where even I will not go, as you asked, and now you believe I would compare it to you? Since you cannot see the truth through my eyes, I must show you through your own actions. Therefore I forbid you to destroy Fire utterly. You may do whatever else you wish with your garden, but Fire you will let live." Mother was chastened, and returned to Her garden in shame, but when in time She came upon Fire Her anger was again aroused and Her rage shook the garden.

"Fire, I see you dancing like you have no cares. Indeed, my Husband forbid me to destroy you, but I cannot bear your beauty to outshine my own. Therefore I curse you to burn whatever you touch, so that by your dance even my beautiful garden will show your evil nature." Fire heard this but did not understand, having no urge to give pain to Mother or any of Creation, but it could not help but dance and so began to char the ground. Alarmed, Fire fled the clearing and went throughout the garden, searching for a place where it would bring no harm. Everywhere it went, however, it brought pain and death, and the beauty of the garden was stained by it. In despair, Fire returned to the clearing and begged mercy of our Mother.

"Dearest Being, please take this curse from me, for you have caused me to harm all that I love." Seeing what power Fire now had and its effects on other living things, Mother only saw more beauty. In a mood near to her reverence for our Father, She reached out to Fire, hoping to steal its beauty, but She was burned.

"Foul thing that lives in the guise of beauty, I curse you not only to burn all that you touch, but to starve for the burning. For what you say that you love, you will never be free of the desire to destroy." Fire shrank away from Mother, for in that instant it felt its first such desire, and it was Her that was the object of that desire. It could never by will hurt Her, because She was still the favorite of our Father and a goddess in Her own right, though now she bore a scar. It fled a second time and tried to hide itself from Her presence, but its desire for destruction was too great and soon all the garden was burned but the place where Mother stood. Again, Fire returned and begged Her mercy.

"Destroy me, oh Mother, for I have burned your wonderous garden and have no other desire left but to do harm. Release me from this curse, for you have caused me to wish even for the death of my Father's most beautiful Creation." Mother's vanity deceived Her again, for She believed Fire spoke of itself as most beautiful, when in truth it had always been Her. And She had watched it destroy Her garden, but in its unstoppable force and desire She saw only more beauty. She could not destroy it, but it was not a god like She. Some day it would rest, yet she would forever have the memory of its beauty to haunt her.

"Unforgivable thing, know that I cannot destroy you, no matter how you or I desire it. I can, however, chain you to this desire so that you may never be released. I curse you to live until Creation itself is destroyed, to arise again in one place even as you are extinguished in another. Furthermore, I banish you from my garden so that all the world can see the evil hidden in your beauty." At this, Fire fled a last time from Her presence and never again could show Itself to Her, although It has touched every other part of the world since then.

Mother went to Father's throne in triumph, believing She had vanquished the beauty of Fire. Father looked at Her with pity, and corrected Her.

"Vain Wife, though I love you above all Creation, I must rebuke you. You have not destroyed the beauty of Fire, only given that beauty to the world. It is you who was shamed by your envy, not Fire. By your words, you have made It an immortal god, when once It only danced for your entertainment. But even the power you have given to Fire is not enough to destroy my Creation yet. By Its burnings everyone will know the evil of vanity and its price, but for yourself there is only this: in you I made that part of Creation that was most beautiful, but in Fire I placed not only beauty but also a truth. You saw only the beauty but not the truth, and because of that you have lost your garden. The truth is that beauty fades, and fastest when it is coupled with vanity. You are no longer the most beautiful part of Creation because you forced Fire to scar you, but Fire was not scarred by you. Thanks to you Fire will always be reborn from Its own death, more beautiful and more powerful than before, until It will become the very tool I use to remake the world. You released Fire from your garden, but because you bade It destroy that which I created for you, You will never leave that place where you cursed It until Fire Itself releases you when all the world is aflame. Until then look not at Fire and see Its beauty which was made by me, rather see the hideous destruction It now causes because of your vanity."
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